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Originally Posted by Marcha View Post
You know JanM, I've seen it several times on "the Dog Whisperer", where they casually mention the $1 leashes that you get at the dollar store. It's basically what you describe, from what I've seen on the show (we don't have cable, so I don't watch it often). They don't have them here at the dollar store on the south part of the Island either.

What materials are you using?
I never thought of the dollar store! I checked Buckerfields, Little Rascals (a local pet store) and PetSmart - nothing in any of these. I mostly do not buy from the dollar store because everything is made in China but I will have a look..

I went to a tack store and bought D rings and the nylon mesh/webbing stuff that is sold to be made into horse lunging lines. The ones I made are 3' long (finished) - I bought 6' of webbing for each because I wasn't sure how much I would end up needing.
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