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Comination collar/leash

Does anyone use these? They are just ropes or nylon mesh with a loop that goes over the dog's head on one end and a loop for a hand-grip on the other.

I looked in every pet store around and couldn't find one so I made two - one for Bobby and one for Amber. I used D-rings and nylon mesh about 1/2" wide - they work wonderfully well and making them cost me about $5.00 each!

The best part is, I can get them on and off when I have gloves on - no problem at all! Both dogs have long hair and trying to clasp a leash onto their collars is trying to say the least (especially with gloves on) so these leashes work extremely well for us..

Making them is so darn easy I have to wonder how anyone can charge $15 to $20 for a leash in the pet stores!
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