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Thanks for your response 14+kitties; I am going to read up on that website immediately! This situation was most disheartening because Charlie and Gracie have been together for a year and a half now, and no special introductions were made with them at the beginning. I do agree with what you said about it being Ollie that upset the mixture, which was pretty obvious. Our biggest concern though is getting our peaceful home back!

I worked in a vet's office for the better part of 2 years, and because of that, I do know the importance of good quality food for them. They are balanced between vet grade dry and wet food (as too much wet food tends to give Charlie the runs). Even though they get wet food as frequently as every other day, wet food in our house is something we celebrate!! Gracie’s actions are not triggered by anything other than laying eyes on Charlie; food has never been in the middle of it.

Charlie went for his check-up about 2 weeks ago and came out with a clean bill of health and as Ollie was only with us for a total of 10 days or so, I obviously didn't do "proper" introductions with the 3 of them. I feel awful that all of this may have been avoided.

I’m sorry I’m all over the place with these posts; I want to give you as much info as possible to try and get our Gracie back to the way she was previously. I hope that with our trying to give Ollie a warm place to sleep and some good food, we haven’t torn apart our family...
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