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Originally Posted by Mikey&Simba View Post
Does anyone know about homeopathy?
I was reading about it and yesterday I gave Simba one pellet of 30 Nux Vomica - it seemed to calm him.

I also have Bach remedies - Mimulus and Impatiens to mix w/water.
Homeopathic remdies really should not be given unless prescribed by a homeopath or homeopathic vet. Nux Vomica 30C is a fairly high potency to give a cat when not instructed. The copper content in Nux Vomica can cause cramping when given at too high potency, or too often. It can also cause very dark almost blackish poop.

Yes Nux Vomica is used in both hyperthyoidism and kidney failure but there might also be a remedy that is better suited to your cat and his needs plus you need a proper potency for your cat.

Have a look at the referral list here for a trained homeopath vet in your area.
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