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My Daughter has 2 kitties who also decided that my feet are the bestest playtoys in the world. walking down the hall was dangerous with 2 kitties attacking my feet. I have fixed the problem somewhat. they very rarely attack my feet now, but they do still want to be close to me so if I am walking from the front of our place to the back they come thundering down the hall and have to try to get there before me. and it is actually really funny how they seem to know if I am going all the way to the back or if I am just going to the bathroom halfway down the hall.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. I have found the best way to teach the cats what is not allowed is to spray them. I have a plant water spray bottle, cause I can set it anywhere from fine mist(when they are close) to the jet (for across a room) and I fill it with a water and vinager mix. the vinager can not hurt them, but they hate the smell and do not want it to hit em again just make sure you do not get them in the face, I am sure that it would sting the eyes.
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