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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
Melei's mom,,,those are gorgeous, i love the red and white one. I totally agree with Rainbow they are nicer than the ones i've seen in the stores, and the fact they are hand made should make them all the more speciall to the in-laws.
Thank you They do appreiciate them...the only reason I am willing to do so many. lol. I haven't made any of them wreaths for a few years and they wanted new ones. My MIL has a collection of 4 (to be 5) and said she needed one for the kitchen window...all the others have their place and the window was to bare apparently lol

Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
I'll certainly keep that in mind for next year.
you guys do have me thinking I need to be making more

Originally Posted by Luvmypitgirls View Post
Melei'sMom, those are beautiful!!!
Seriously you should do up hundreds of those thru out the year and sell them at Christmas craft sales! Or sell them online or something.
Mine is store bought, and doesn't compare to yours.
I would be willing to send ya some money to make me one for next Christmas...something to think about.
Beautiful work
I love the one with the dove, let me know if you ever decide to take orders, I'll order two of those.
100s?!? that would be something! unfortunaley I have to work too lol. about, I only have one more dove. I like to hit garage sales, auctions and secondhand stores to find unique things to put on the wreaths, so I wouldn't even know where to begin to find another dove. the pair I have came from a pallet lot of Christmas stuff I picked up from an estate auction. (and I just can't see myself pulling that one off my Aunts wreath lol)

I wouldn't even know what to charge for them....the flowers are usually new and the ribbon too(but not always), but the stuff that makes it uniqie is usually used/recycled.

I guess orders could be placed for size and color scheme, but for specific wreaths...they are all one of a kind and I like it that way...not sure I would want to do the 'mass production' thing...

Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
Wow, those are just gorgeous!
Thank you! Wow, you guys are really good for my ego!

So now I have to go work on some other stuff...painting a bell for my mom for Christmas and I have to go get more red do I use alot of that at Christmas!
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