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kitten behavior problem?

Hey I just got a new kitten recently, she is a purebred ragdoll, whom I named Drusilla. The problem I have with her is that she likes to follow me everywhere in the house and attack my feet as she does this. Besides it being annoying, I am afraid of accidently stepping on her, since she is always running through my feet as I walk. She is also really tiny, so it is easy to overlook her as she is walking behind me.
I know there have been a couple of other threads regarding this topic, and I have read them. The reason I am starting a new thread is because I have already tried everything suggested to stop kitten bites. I have tried distracting her from biting by giving her toys, which works for a few seconds. She has a sister (older, but same mom), who is only a month or two older, they play together sometimes but the minute Drussila sees me she runs to attack my feet. I have also tried telling her to stop firmly, which really does not work. I just really dont want it to become a habit in drusilla.
I mentioned that she was a ragdoll because I have read that they have a tendency to follow their human companions around, which is totally fine with me, just as long as she is not attacking my feet constantly.
I would really appreciate any suggestions.
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