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homeopathy? any suggestions? experiences?

Simba had a visit to the Vet yesterday. I was told that it is common for cats w/hyperthyroidism and some kidney issues to lose muscle mass in the hindquarters. When I asked why - he didin't seem to know.

Simba will have blood work done in two weeks to check his T4 and kidney function.

I hate giving him the cyproheptadine to get him to eat a decent amount of food, but I have to because he can't continue to eat his favorite, partially cooked ground turkey. It has too much protein for him. He is allowed his 1/2 jar Gerbers Stage 2 turkey baby food.

Does anyone know about homeopathy?
I was reading about it and yesterday I gave Simba one pellet of 30 Nux Vomica - it seemed to calm him.

I also have Bach remedies - Mimulus and Impatiens to mix w/water.
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