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Originally Posted by SnowAngel01 View Post
So there are no people here feeding their CFR cats raw? I saw one member who said that they were.
That would be me Hi SnowAngel01. It's been rather here lately so I haven't been on as much.

My 18yr old CRF kitty has been eating raw for 2 years now, I first saw a homeopath vet not long after she was diagnosed & that's when she first started eating raw recommended by her homeopath vet. I was feeding a local BC commercially produced raw diet but due to non-kidney related issues she can't handle bone anymore, so now I am purchasing raw meat from a local butcher and prepping it myself ~ the food I've fed has always been approved by her animal homeopath & homeopath vet for her situation.

My grrl has always had & still has normal phosphorus & calcium levels, she is taking a feline vitamin which contains taurine etc, she is also on Renal Support, Whole Body Support, Azodyl, as well as Subq fluids and 2 specifically tailored classic homeopathic remedies and I have recently tried a homeopath approved bone-free powdered pre-mix that is added to the meat to complete the necessary mineral requirements.

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
She may want to see the results of your kitty's bloodwork and urinalysis so perhaps if you can post that, she may be able to give you more advice.
Yes, thank you L4H , if you can post your kitty's last 2 or 3 (to show stability/timeline) blood & urine numbers with reference ranges I can better see what you're dealing with. Anything out of normal as well as the usual BUN, creatinine, protein, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, Urine Specific Gravity, pH level.

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
As Love4himies said, growler's CRF cat is doing great on a raw diet, but it's a premade commercial (frozen) product.
Yes Duffy is doing great, but she hasn't been on the commercial prepped raw for about 6 months now except for an occasional bone-free meal for a little variety.

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
It sounds like your cat's blood phosphorus levels must be high enough to warrant the addition of a phosphorus binder to her food, so phosphorus levels of the diet you make are going to be important. What's tricky is that phosphorus is an essential nutrient and cats, even ones with CRF, still need to get some. Just not too much. And that still has to be balanced in the proper ratio with calcium (around 1.2 to 1.4 x as much calcium as phosphorus).
All very true, and a good reason to have a knowledgeable animal homeopath and homeopath vet working with you as there may be remedies that can help along with the food advice.

I find this shortcut to the database search most helpful as well, be sure to choose the search item as close as possible to what you will be purchasing although some allowances must be made for bone as the database marks it as refuse.

$125/hr is not unreasonable for a consult , I pay $175/hr for an in-clinic consult & exam with both an animal homeopath & a homeopathic vet.
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