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Cat leg spasms???

Hi! this is my first post to this forum. I have grown up with animals all of my 50 years and feel like I have seen alot, helped alot and understand a lot about cats & dogs plus many farm animals.
A year ago I adopted a feral kitten through a local group to keep my 5 year old Golden Retriever company. We had lost 2 canine friends that year, but, my job was not going to allow me to adopt another dog & my daughter adopted her own, who spends a great deal of time with me.
Malia is a tuxedo who was brought in from the wild. She is petite in stature, however, the most loving, adventurous & dog friendly cat I have ever known!
In the past few months I have noticed that she seems to have spasms in her back legs and one from leg. Sort of reminds me of a rabbit "thumping." The back legs extend back and shake that when she is near a wall make a thumping....ththththththth sound, both legs do this then the front left and her head shakes as though she just tasted something sour!
Sorry, just do not know a better way to explain! At first I thought she was just doing it but I am wondering if it is a sort of epileptic attack.
Any thoughts? Any one that has seen that before? I have had so many cats and have never witnessed something like this.
Thanks in advance! Christine
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