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Newest update

Well she's still with us. Thursday was a hard day. She vomited all her food and it took her 40 minutes of straining to have a poop the size of a nickel. It was heart breaking to see. Especially since she had thrown up all her food the nite before.

I've put her back on the vet's recovery food and increased the pumpkin from 2 tsp's per 5oz can to 4 tsp's in hope that will solve the poop end. The recovery food seems to be the one she can tolerate, so I'll keep her on that until I can get her back onto the Wellness brand again

She still won't sleep with us, nor have we heard a purr from her. She now like's to hang out in my shower and I've put a glass of water next to her because she seems to want to drink more. Still only getting 4 oz's of food a day, tried more and that's when we got into trouble.

Do you think 4oz's is enough for now?

I haven't gotten to the store to check out baby clothes for a neck wrap, hope to do that this weekend. As for the pet warming blanket, I have heating pads that I put under blankets or pet beds, on low. The arthritic cat loves it)

My boy started to lick his belly again, I guess he's starting to feel my tension again <sigh>

So we take it day by day, she looks so terrible, but she does look at the window a little more, maybe that a sign?

I'm still trying to get some pictures loaded, just the ones I have are way too big, just have to figure out how to shrink them up.

Any idea's for getting the bowel's going? I'm using pumpkin and the suggestion of freezing it in tsp lumps was great idea) Thanks to whoever came up with that one. and of course SubQ fluids and the fluids I put into her tube.

Anyway thanks for listening and keep your paws crossed that she'll turn the better corner soon.
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