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Homeade raw diet for kitty with CRF

I have been reading some of the threads on the board regarding kitties with CRF. I have a 16 year old kitty who was diagnosed with CRF almost two years ago. His numbers have been relatively stable but he is having some muscle wasting from lack of protein. I would like to get him on a homemade raw diet. Preferably something made with chicken or turkey as I live in Alaska and raw meat is far to spendy to order in and not in abundance here. He will be starting calcitriol and Aluminum hydroxide gel powder as a binder next week.

He was eating the K/D chicken (yes, i now know how bad this is) and has been recently eating wellness grain free chicken, turkey and beef variety's. He gets raw egg yolk a few times a week (yes, I know about the biotin deficiency this can cause and he gets additional biotin in his supplement to counter act the avadin and has not had an issue in the year he has been getting the eggs) and is on a complete whole food supplement called BioPreparation. He gets 1 capsule of the f3 and one of the f2 split into two meals daily. He was on Renafood but has now been switched to Feline Renal Support. No subq's at this time.

Any suggestions/recipes are greatly appreciated.
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