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Got a response from the makers of Lean cuts...
I don't know, what do you think of this reasoning...sounds a little weird to me but I am no expert...

Hi Teresa;

Thank you so very much for your inquiry regarding onion powder in Lean Cuts

You are correct that onions can cause a type of anemia due to damage to the red blood cells when fed to pet at toxic levels. There are two toxicity
levels, one would be toxicity with one serving and the other is toxicity
with many servings over time. Another level would be extremely minute
quantities that would never reach a toxicity level after a lifetime of
feeding. The level of onion powder in a 400g can of Lean Cuts Beef would be
.06%(.0006) of the can. The minimum level to cause toxicity over many
servings is .5% of your dog's body weight. A Chihuahua would need 15g or
more per day over time. A Labrador 450g or more per day.

Onion powder is added in a minute amount to reduce the strong aroma of 100% beef. Despite the damages of larger quantities of onion, many people
believe that in small quantities it is quite beneficial.

I hope this information helps reduce your concerns about using Lean Cuts
Beef and I can assure you that the product is completely safe for your
family pet.

Kind Regards,
Cliff Jones
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