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Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
She has put on weight, almost 6oz in a week. Her coat looks better, according to the vet, she has had bowel movements, small ones, but good ones, and has not vomited anything up. The good things
These are great signs!

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
The bad are she is soo weak, she can barely walk.
That's par for the course. She's been through a lot and it's going to take a good chunk of time for her to come around.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
I would like to get one of those sweaters that I have seen other cats have that have feeding tubes in.
There is something called Surgi-Sox that might work, although what I used was a type of human surgical stocking with holes cut in for the cat's front legs. You could also look for some baby clothes that might fit her.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
Also does anyone know of a way to get her to walk more or get her legs strengthened, like rehab? I'm afraid if we don't get some strength back she'll be a long time coming back if at all.
Give her time. I wouldn't stress her too much right now by forcing her to move around. If she'll let you message her legs a bit or brush them to keep the circulation going, that might help. You could also get a heated pet bed insert like this one:
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