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Well it's Wed., and we did another trip to the vet's last nite. I really thought that would be it, but both the Vet and my other half were all for giving Tus a couple more days.

She has put on weight, almost 6oz in a week. Her coat looks better, according to the vet, she has had bowel movements, small ones, but good ones, and has not vomited anything up. The good things

The bad are she is soo weak, she can barely walk. Most of the muscle mass in the back legs are, non-exsistant, but what can you expect when you don't move for 5 days.

She did however come out from under the couch today and sit in her spot in the window)) We also made the bandage around her neck smaller, so it's less constricting.

I would like to get one of those sweaters that I have seen other cats have that have feeding tubes in. It would keep the tube in place without having the bulk of a bandage. The wrap we have now still pulls the tube and it looks like it could rip her skin. Remember she has 2 holes due to the mistake of the placing of the 1st tube. I change the bandage and put polysporin on it to help keep it clean.

Does anyone know where I can get or make a turtle neck sweater so I can keep the tube in place without having a big bandage? I don't think she would mind the warmth since winter is upon us.

Also does anyone know of a way to get her to walk more or get her legs strengthened, like rehab? I'm afraid if we don't get some strength back she'll be a long time coming back if at all. I'm hoping the snow will leave us in a couple of days and then I'd get her outside, she loves the outdoors

Still no interest in much, like she's depressed. The vet said to give her time as she has had a lot going on in the last month especially the last 2 weeks. How much time?

Anyway thought you'd like to know, she's still with us. The roller coaster of emotions has been absolutely exhausting. This is my first animal that I have been the soul care taker and after 15 years of friendship it doesn't get any easier. I hope it won't be this bad with the other 4.

And of course we still have no idea what is wrong with her. The vet is hoping to get a scope soon and then we might be able to get a biopsy on her bowels or pancreas or anything else that it will reach without causing too much damage.
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