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Cat Extremely unwell

hi all,

i have a female cat around the age of 13-14, she's always been in good health over the years,but sadly over the past 3-4 weeks she's taking a turn for the worst.

about 3-4 weekends ago she seemed to have cat flu in our opinion, in mainly sleeping and not budging at all out of her basket which she loves! we were enitly very worried although after 4days she seemed all of a sudden fine and back to her usual self.

we did notice she was slowly finding it harder to use her back legs on jumping onto surfices such as computer chairs/beds but we put this down to the fact she's getting older

she then shrank in size quite fast, in that she felt boney and looked skinny underneath at the back end of her body and slowly losing her apperatite for food (and boy she'd eat anything in large quanties before)

at the start of the weekend she has started returning more to her basket and settling down for hours upon hours, she drinks hell of a lot recently so we moved a water pot for her right next to her bed. her back legs have deterated alot over this period in that she looks like stumbling every time she walks now.

she unfortently pee'd on our bed at the weekend and in her bed slightly late on sunday, she did go outside for first time yesterday very briefly which we was glad to see.

but her stomach seems to be getting bigger over the past few days even though she isn't eating in masses whilst her back still feels skinny/boney and more in the neck area/top of back now

she still seemed quite happy in herself at times having fusses whenever she's up out of her basket and still purrs alot

but we're trying hold out on taking her to the vets until the end of the week as we fear the worst

any advice or any suggestions what the problems could be with her?? i have a feeling it's going to be something serious like her kidneys unfortently

much appreciated and sorry with the essay above

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