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Originally Posted by t.pettet View Post
My male pom x poodle was having problems with his anal glands rupturing, vets advised more fibre in his diet but that just made it worse. He now has cooked beef or turkey in the a.m. and Origen as dry throughout the day. His poop is more solid thus he has to strain a wee bit and this enables his anal glands to empty. I was also advised to remove them surgically and am so glad I didn't go that route.
I am having the same issue with my Shih Tzu. When it happened we rushed him to the emergency Vet clinic and it's cost us an arm & a leg. The opened up his behind and did what they needed to do.

As we were checking out (paying the bill) they gave us five cans of high fiber food (at almost $6 a can). We feed RAW so I wasn't too happy about giving the little guy something out of a can but I sucked it up and gave it to him. He seemed to good on it but now it looks like his behind is bothering him again (His gland ruptured about four weeks ago).

I read on another thread about oat bran and plain yogurt and that is the avenue I will take & see how that goes.

The vet said that his poop was too hard and that is what may have caused the problem. Hence what caused me to do a Google search of "high fiber dog food" and what led me to this forum.
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