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I'm gradually switching my boys over to raw. Right now, they mostly eat kibble during the week, and get raw on weekend. At this point in time, it's what works best for our house, but I'd like to have them on full time raw eventually.

I've been going to discount grocery stores (food basics, price chopper, etc) whenever they have good sales, to stock up.
Recently, I bought a bunch of chicken quarters (which I later cut in half) and freeze them. I've also given them some beef cubes, which they really enjoy.

However tonight, in celebration of my birthday , they'll be eating fish for the first time (well, sort of - they did find a tasty fish head to eat at the cottage this summer ).

I got some frozen tilapia fillets, which are defrosting in the fridge right now. Like you, I wasn't exactly sure what kind of fish to buy. But I figured for a one-time celebration, it won't really matter regardless.
Once they're on full time raw though, and getting fish on a more regular basis, I'll definitely have to figure it out.
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