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Thanks luckypenny, I appreciate the advice! A few questions...

By huge chunks of beef do you mean like steaks? Correct me if I'm wrong, but do you mean to leave it whole and let them tear it apart? (I have been cutting it up for them)

I give them recreational bones about once a week in their crates when I leave for work. Currently, I am still feeding them mostly the frozen raw patties which I believe has the bones ground up in them... does that sound okay? As this is really expensive though (and as I do more research) I am gradually trying to use the patties less, and start giving them meat, organs from the store.

Also, when I take my dogs out of their crates, should I put their bones back in the fridge/freezer? I have two dogs that are food possessive so giving them bones in the evenings out of their crates is not an option (tried that once... never again, haha!)

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