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Unhappy further description of seziures

my bugg, 2 years old, has had her 5th episode. she goes from full on playing to a small tremor, then stops moving around and her body wobbles, by now im all worried and hold her on my lap like a little baby, and she stays this way for 3 or 4 hours. I assumed this was a seizure because if you move your hand near her face she jerks away. shes not drooling, shes very dopey, seems drowsy, i end up cuddling her for a few hours while she sleeps it off.
there isnt an apparent link between the episodes, except that they happen at night, ive tried feeding and watering her which she will have none of and ive tried giving her sugar to see if its bloodsugar related, which i havnt seen any improvement.
i have taken her to the vet, which lead to nothing, because she was fine by then. ive given her rescue remedy, and after a while shes back to her old self, i dont think it was poison, because she was inside.
i realize this isnt the best way, but the descriptions arent very specific, and she is very young and healthy.
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