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What type of fish is safe?

Hi everyone-

First, like many newbies here I want to thank everyone for all the info on raw on this forum! I have been reading through it for days and it is a wonderful source of information!

I switched my three dogs to raw about three weeks ago. Initially, I was buying the frozen patties but soon found out that they are expensive and there is much cheaper ways to go raw! So I have been gradually easing into buying my own meat from the supermarket - ground beef, chicken breasts, chicken legs, etc.

A few questions... this weekend I found some Steelheat Fillet for cheap. I haven't really found alot of info about fish, except that it should be fed only once or twice a week. Has anyone else fed this type of fish and is it safe? If not, what type of fish do you normally use?

I usually give my dogs their bones in their kennels during the day when I go to work. If they are not finished it by the time I go to let them out, should I put them back in the freezer or fridge? I know they are probably fine, but like most raw newbies I am a bit paranoid

Lastly, where do most people usually find their organs (liver, heart etc.)? I know of one grocery store here that sells it but I imagine it's quite expensive. Do you usually get them from a local butcher?

Thanks everyone! Appreciate all the help!
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