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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Anyone take any pics of Duffy on leash peeing next to the tree by any chance? The dogs think she's the coolest kitty around .

Have you considered bone meal to replace the raw bone content in her food?
nope no one was taking pics, but when I mentioned it to Duffy's homeopath she thought it was pretty funny especially given the rain & her refusing to use their litterbox

I mentioned bone meal to my homeopath she said that it would likely cause the same IBD reaction as the ground bone. There is one local rawfood company I know of that uses bone meal instead of ground bones but Duffy refuses to eat anything from them My homeopath vet & homeopath are the ones who said to put her on a muscle meat only diet and that in Duffy's case she is fine on just meat right now as there is calcium etc in it plus she is taking NuCat Vitamins and her blood results for calcuim, phos, potassium etc were nearly identical to the previous tests where she was also eating bone & organs. I'll see how it goes with the TC Instincts.
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