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Since the last update Duffy was on butternut squash for the soft slightly squishy (but not liquidy) poops resulting from lack of bone (I can not just add in bone to her diet since that is one trigger of her mild IBD), we were upto 1tsp per day with not enough difference seen and she was still occasionally vomiting stomach acid (just when pooping0 as a result of the pushing. So I switched her to Slippery Elm Bark Powder she's at 1/2 tsp per day and I am seeing much improvement in the poop department not perfect just yet but definately easier for Duffy to go, so to speak, and no vomiting. Yay!

Another vet visit update, from Sunday 15 Nov, the visit went good silly grrl refused to pee for me in the morning before the appt so I could bring a urine sample in, therefore she had to hold it for a cysto. After the urine & blood samples were taken, she was offered a litterbox & she still refused to go in it so after the appt on the way out to my mum's truck I leash walked her out to the parking lot & she peed beside a tree out in the pouring rain

Treatment plan is same as before, wiith Azodyl in place of a regular probiotic, Duffy's homeopath has heard great results from some of the ultrasound techs so we started that on 1 Dec. Duffy's appetite has been awesome since on the Azodyl not sure if it's a result of that or just because I bought some of her favorite food topping treats in the same week Amazing thing too is that MC is going to cover the cost of the Azodyl which is fabulous considering it's expensive & I'll be going through 3 bottles every two months.

Blood results came back good, stable numbers a 1 point increase in her BUN currently at 17 and nearly a 27 point drop in her Creatinine currently at 243.4.

I have samples of Feline Future TC Inctincts and TC Instincts Plus pre-mix for rawfood so I'll see how Duffy likes that over the next couple of weeks, I mentioned this to Duffy's homeopath to let her know I was going to try her on it & she definately recommends the products as she was the homeopath for the company when they started - small world

So her blood results are looking good & she's feeling great
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