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hddlstn02, Riley was actually pretty east to train. When I got her as a baby, I kept her in her pen unless I was home so she would poopie there. When I let her out, if she had an accident on the floor I would clean it up in front of her with a paper towel while she was there and tell her "poopie in the poopie cage" and put the soiled towels in the litter box. After about a week she got the idea and has done it ever since. Not to say that she didn't have accidents from time to time but 99.99% of the time she gets it right. She has been a 'free range bunny' her whole life - that is, she roams the house. My hubby built a pen for her (21 sq ft) and that is her home base with litter box, food dishes, etc.
When she reached sexual maturity, that was about 2 months of following her around because she would try to mark areas looking for a boyfriend. That has been the only issue in 6 1/2 years. A bunny is a fantastic pet... as long as you protect your electrical wires.
We don't have any children but we have 4 "kids"
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