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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
The whole ordeal that she's been through and the surgery to place the tube can be quite exhausting, so it's normal that she'd be rather subdued. Is she holding down the food okay? Has she pooped yet?
She is holding down the food great. I just gave her 60ml over 2 hours and she did not even wake up, along with 40 mls of water.

No poop yet. I do have a stool softener if that would help, lactulose syrup.

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
The tube itself shouldn't be painful, but whatever it is that has put her in this state might be. I have no idea what the moaning is all about. Would be worth mentioning to the vet.
I plan on dropping in on the vet's office this afternoon, can't avoid me that way

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Drooling and stinky breath is not a normal side effect of the tube (but she was doing that before the tube placement though, wasn't she?). She could be nauseous or in pain, it's hard to say. One way to determine if it's a pain response is to give her proper pain meds (ie buprenex or Fentanyl) and see if things improve. If it were me, I'd gradually stop the steroids. Is she on antibiotics? If so, which one?
The only time she drooled was when the tube was put in. The bad breath has been there for awhile, and I presumed it was due to acid indigestion. Now it just smells rancid. The drooling is not as bad as it was with the first tube and I just saw her finally able to drink some water on her own

I would like to get her on some kind of pain med's and off the pred., so I guess I'm going to have to push that a little more.

The antibiotic she is on is amoxil 50mg 2ce a day. Just started that and I just crush it up and put it with the water.

I just hate to see her look so miserable
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