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Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
Wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect from my cat's behaviour in the first couple of days while on this feeding tube?
The whole ordeal that she's been through and the surgery to place the tube can be quite exhausting, so it's normal that she'd be rather subdued. Is she holding down the food okay? Has she pooped yet?

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
Is it painful? Should I be looking into pain med's? This moaning she's doing, comes from her chest, could it be breathing issues?
The tube itself shouldn't be painful, but whatever it is that has put her in this state might be. I have no idea what the moaning is all about. Would be worth mentioning to the vet.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
And of course still drools and her breath is terrible? Should I be bringing this to the "vet" or is this normal for a tube cat in the first couple of days?
Drooling and stinky breath is not a normal side effect of the tube (but she was doing that before the tube placement though, wasn't she?). She could be nauseous or in pain, it's hard to say. One way to determine if it's a pain response is to give her proper pain meds (ie buprenex or Fentanyl) and see if things improve. If it were me, I'd gradually stop the steroids. Is she on antibiotics? If so, which one?
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