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They are adorable! I love them all I have pet rats too, currently I have 5 of them. 3 older girl sisters who are 2.5 years, named Cocoa (cinnamon berkshire), Zoey (blazed agouti banded), and Tessa (black blazed banded). I also have 2 boys, one is 1 yr old, and the other is 2 yrs. old. Their names are Momo (cinnamon hooded), and Peanut (blue cap/stripe).

I used to have upwards of 10-14 rats at once, with my highest number at 16. I just don't have the time to keep that many rats anymore, and with the number of health problems it got too expensive. I'm letting my current rats live out their life with me, and then I'm taking a break for a while. I love rats, but their health problems are so draining after a while.

Give your ratties some kisses from me!
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