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Ya I find this vet does not want to give me pain medication, just prenosone, which as you say is not a pain medication.

I'll see how's she's doing tomorrow, she's still really dopey from all the drugs and I'm going to have to get her moving or she'll get bound up now that she has food in her stomach.

Any advice on that. Should I be concerned about bowl movements now that she has food in her. We managed to get 90ml of food into her, the most she's had in about a week. Did not want to push it beyond that the first day, might put her body into shock

Also gave her SubQ fluids, plus all the fluids we flushed through the tube. She is pee'ing about the only time she has gotten up.

I'm also concerned about her lack of any energy, I'm presuming it's to do with the 2 surgeries. Any advice on that? Should I get her up and moving or just let her sleep? Should I push for pain med's as well? Cause I also get the excuse that you can't give pain med's on top of Pred.

Of course I'm skeptical of this vet, I wonder why
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