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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Wow, I am really having serious doubts about your vet now.

Not too difficult to determine if the kidneys are working, urinalysis combined with blood work, if necessary an ultrasound.

I really hope the feeding will get Tus back on the road to recovery.

I just got a call from her this morning apologizing for the difficulty yesterday. I say Thank God it was her day off and someone else did the tube

That said. The final verdict on Tus is she might have had an inflamed pancreas but not now, could be a condition that will crop up again. They, meaning others, think the elevated results indicate it's her kidney's, again and/or possible bowel or GI issues. With the bowel or GI issues biopsies would have to take place and I'm not willing to go that far. I think we're done enough.

So the plan/ my plan is to keep the tube in, if the weight comes back on and she recovers from this then great we carry on with healthy diet. If she does not get better with the tube in then the tube comes out and we let her go with some dignity intact.

Also she wants to monitor her blood pressure as that seems to be an issue and is concerned with the subQ fluids as it can increase blood pressure. Of course I will keep as much fluids in her via tube as possible, but will probably give SubQ as well as I think dehydration has caused problems in the past.

As for Pain med's I'll use up the few dose's of pred. and then I guess that's it as Pred. is hard on the kidney's.

Any suggestions on how to get her smelling better, she stinks and the other cats are afraid of her. I've put some baby powder on the bandage wrap as that stinks of awful chemicals. Are there dry shampoo's for cats that I can use as I don't want to bath her, enough trauma for a life time I'm sure)

And god her breath, and drool ich. I'm hoping that will get better as food gets into her belly. I now can use the liquid Zantex for the acid indigestion, that might help too.

As for this vet, not much else she can do now.

I'll just get advice from you guys on diet and healthy foods etc.

But the rest of my cats I think I'll look around for another vet)
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