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Thanks 14+ what area do you live in? (if you don't mind posting)

Ok as per the rules, if you have a good Vet, post experience here and PM me the name/contact info please

Right now, the one we go to charges about $50, and then I called another one and they charge $40. They also didn't recommend a raw diet because of the so-called bacteria clearly, they are only thinking through the eyes of humans, tsk tsk such a shame!

I was also able to email some mobile vets and most are recommending a dry AND wet diet. I guess that's an improvement but the most I was quoted was $69 for a 30 minute visit. Is that good?

Sometimes I wish I was smart enough to endure 6 years of University to be a cat only vet and promote high quality canned and raw diets. But that would consist of me arguing with the food "professors" aka the dry food spokesperson disputing their marketing schemes. They should know that when a cat chews kibble, it doesn't help their teeth cuz it CRUMBLES!

ok back on topic!
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