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update on the poor old thing, she might be hanging in there better thean me

I have her back again. She's really dopy, can barely walk, but made it to the litter box. I just helped her stand so she would not fall in her own pee.

This tube is working 100% better, she doesn't seems to be drooling as much and the tube sticks out on top of her neck instead of the side of the neck.

We only gave her 10ml of food and 10 mls of water, did not want to push it.

Tomorrow I'll do the watch the movie and give her her food.

Sorry for the ranting on the last post. I get so frustrated and angry at the lack of compassion and knowledge of some vets, it makes trying to make decisions very stressful. Needless to say my stress level is off the charts.

Great way to loose weight as I barely eat myself)

So again for the temper tantrum, at least they did not charge me as they made the mistake and admitted it.

Funny think is they had problems with the tube from the get go, you think some bells would have gone off.

Question on pain med's. Since it's not pancreatitis does she need pain med's? I'm still using the prenosone as that's all she'll give me

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