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doggie with sense of humour!

yesterday we got our first real dump of snow. kiila loves, loves the snow! so we decided to fit in an extra w-a-l-k before i headed to work last night just to play in the snow
momma wore her sneakers as the snow wasnt that deep - but it was slippery!
kiila thought it would be a fantastic idea to chase a squirrel up a telephone pole - and drag momma behind her! as i fell smack on my butt (thank goodness for the extra padding i have!)...she leaped and pounced around me - smiling!
i tried to get up, but was laughing too hard to move - that....and she decided to jump right on me and give me smooches!

much to her disappointment, mr squirrel did get away...but she enjoyed laughing at her momma all the same!
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