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We're back and exhausted

The tube is in and her neck is all wrapped up, looks very uncomfortable. SHe's drooling very stinky sticky drool. She's very dopey still as the vet put her out cold.

I'm instructed just to give her about 10cc's of food tonight and then try and get at least 1 can of food into her a day. Right now I have the Hill's recovery diet in hopes that that will kick start her system.

Also have the subQ fluids which I plan on giving her for the next couple of days to try and get her hydrated.

I still have the antibiotic which I can crush up and give her as well, and I now can use the liquid Zatex to help with her upset stomach.

Do you think I should use the slippery elm bark as well?

As for pain med's we're sticking with the prenosone(sp) until we get the test results and know better what we are dealing with.

Any advice on what to give her to help kick start her system?

As well the bandage seem so big, she can hardly move her neck. Also I'm not supposed to take the wrapping off, but I'd like to to make sure the stitches are healing well and that the bandage is not chafing.

I guess all in good day at a time.

Thanks for sticking with me, it really really helps.

Never thought I'd use these forums but now I see why they are so important and that people really do care
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