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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
I think I mentioned before that Amitriptyline should only be given to healthy cats, none that have any health issues. It is normally used to help ease stress levels in cats. However, it just made Sweet Pea more aggressive. . My vet would only prescibe it if blood work was good prior to the prescription and follow up blood work at LEAST every six weeks to check liver and kidney functions. He was most concerned about liver with this med. If I were you, I would discuss with the vet to slowly discontinue the use of this med. It shouldn't be stopped cold turkey.

I like, Sugarcatmom, am wondering about your vet. . Is there another one in your area?
Tus has not been taking the Amitriptyline now for awhile. She took it for a couple of days, maybe a week, but made her too dopey and I stopped it.

As for another vet, this is the second one as the first one was charging way too much money. $700 for teeth cleaning and 1 tooth extraction, I can't afford that kind of care

Chancing to another vet. How am I supposed to know if the next one is any better? I don't want to go through all these test again to end up the same place.

Any suggestions on how to find a "good" cat vet.

I might find another one for the other cats and see how they do with relatively healthy cats
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