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December 2009 photo challenge - Naughty and/or Nice

Any members have suggestions for this month's challenge?



Nothing Wintery

Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
Nothing Wintery
Oh come on! It's December 1st and we just got our first snow. A wintery theme seems appropriate (Then again, it could be winter all year round and it would suit me just fine )

How about the furries being naughty and nice.

naughty I could do, dunno about nice bunduk

How about the little gifts we get each day from our critters (and I don't mean the ones left behind the piano or under the kitchen table).

How about our pets favorite toy...or playing with their favorite toy in the snow?

I can ship some down to those that don't have any...we have lots to share.

Come on guys...reach a decision snow in the pic tho'

I like the being naught or nice idea.....

naughty or Nice has the most support, so that's the topic this month - merging suggestion posts now. thx - marko
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