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I couldn't have done it without the Ontario Golden Rescue they are an amazing group

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Our Frenchy could never resist a sweet old Golden,I have to check if there is a post about her..
no there's not , we had to deal with a few goldens in need last week. It's been a roller coaster , with good news and bad news. :sad:

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post

So now we are done with the niceities. I wanna know the story Please
ok ok !!!

Daphnée was find as a stray (aka someone dumped her somewhere outside ) the spca Labelle picked her up , she's about 10 + yr old , and has a huge mass on her rear end , just like my Sam had. They started to look for a rescue , so that she could get all the care she needed. This spca is where the huskies are , the ones that were rescued 2 weeks ago , they already have their plate extra full !

So I ask my contact , a wonderful lady with the Ontario Golden Rescue , if they could take her. I wasn't expecting what happened next .... they said yes !! Within a few hours , they already had a foster home for Daphnée ! By Saturday , she was already in Ontario , getting spoiled in her foster home , and they forwarded an e-mail to me , from the foster mom. She and her husband are already in love with Daphnée , they already had a vet appointement for her , will do everything to make her better , and if she doesn't get adopted , well , they will keep her for the remainder of her life !

those people are truly angels and Daphnée is one lucky girl !

look at that face like always , it was a group effort and all together , we saved a dog that deserved better than to be dumped. Everything happens for a reason , in this case , it will give Daphnée the best retirement ever !!!
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