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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
If that was my cat the feeding tube would have been put in within a week of my cat not responding to forced feeding.

Cats do not do well when they are not eating so you could be doing more damage not having a feeding tube than having one.

I believe your kitty is also on amoxil? If so, this could be part of the problem of your cat not eating.
I stopeed the amoxil as I couldn't get food into her and if there was the possibility of upset stomach then I stopped it.

I just picked up the appetite stimulants and you have to give it with food..well that's not going to work.

So..I've emailed my vet and I'll call the clinic tomorrow to have a feeding tube put in, hopefully tomorrow.

Poor thing

I'll also have to check a little further on the mirtazpine/tapazole as I noticed someone from BC had it so you can get it in Canada.
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