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Originally Posted by growler View Post
Teeth grinding is a symptom of either the dehydration or the stomach acid, since Tus had her teeth checked not long ago we can rule that out. It does sound awful but it's not painful, Duffy used to do it before we got started on regular fluid therapy & worked in a few little things to help with stomach acid, Duffy never had a big problem with s.a. so raising the food & water dishes btwn 3-5 inches off the ground, more frequent feeding, adding a late night feeding helped to calm that down.

Fluid therapy is not as scary as it may look & as scm mentions definately warm the fluids first
Thanks for addressing the teeth chewing, god it awful. It sounds like she is chewing something plastic

Do you think the SubQ will help her eat. I'm concerned that she won't last much longer without food. The most I can get into her is about 20-30 ML a Day, and that's not enough to keep a bird alive not alone a cat

I don't want to wait too long before I have to go with a feeding tube and the force feeding is exactly that force feeding
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