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I have an appointment set up for monday to take Tus in for SubQ fluids and to have them show me how it's done. I'm hoping this will make the difference as I can't keep forcing her to eat 3-4 times a day. It's a battle every time.

Also I noticed when I feed her that she grinds her teeth. Sounds like she is chewing something, but of course there is nothing to chew so it has to be her teeth. Any idea on what that could be? It sounds awful and sounds like it could be painful?

Anyway, lets keep that this works as this is the last straw as I won't force a cat to eat every day, it's too painful on both of us. There has to be a reason why she does not want to eat and I don't feel comfortable forcing someone to eat when they don't want to all the time. I don't mind once in awhile but all the time??

I'm also going to get some Vit. B in her as well, hope that will help.

Of course there is the feeding tube???

I'm also hoping the test results will be back by Monday as I'm still waiting to see if it's pancreatitis. <sigh>
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