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Originally Posted by petdr View Post
There are a number of reasons for this presentation. A urinalysis and complete blood profile will help begin to answer the cause.

My rule-outs would be: diabetes insipidus,diabetes mellitus, psycogenic thirst that has led to medullary wash-out, liver shunt, renal dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, nephroblastoma, infectious nephritis and the list goes on.

Do not be surprised if your veterinarian orders abdominal x-ray films, abdominal ultrasound, urine culture and various hormonal assays to further refine the diagnostic work-up.

Sorry that is not an easy fix, and the reason is that many serious problems can present just like this, but the astute owner and veterinarian will avoid quessing, thereby guaranteeing the best outcome possible.

Dr. Van Lienden

Dr. Raymond Van Lienden DVM
The Animal Clinic of Clifton
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I live in Paris, France but am an U.S. Citizen. I have been here about a year and have two dogs (Rat Terriers) The oldest (12 YOA) is also obsessed, as the original poster describes, with drinking water. We took her to the vet, as I feared she may be diabetic. The vet (very expensive) in Paris did all, or most of the test I think you mention above with no luck. She does not have diabeties and her kidneys seem to be functioning fine. No x-rays or scans were done of her though. She seems healthy in every way and very active for a 12 YOA dog. Recently her obsession has gotten so obsessive with drinking water that she goes into the bathroom and tries to lick water out of the shower! she looks for it in the city streets (which worries me very much) and I am starting to think something is wrong with her mind! I am very worried and would like to have further guidance or encouragement.

The OP made me feel justified that I was not obsessing. We give her water and ensure she is not dehydrated, but it is only in small doses and frequently. Should we do this in another way? When she was a pup we tried the water in the kennel and in the bottles but she is way to high strung to deal with that. She gets water everywhere. We kennel our dogs much like the OP only I am not working while in Paris with my husband and she is kenneled much less frequently.

Incidentally, one of the reasons we had grown increasingly concerned was that she would drink water too fast and then vomit is back up almost immediately. We were terribly worried but the Vet here says it is fine and we should only give her small doses.

I appreciate support and input.
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