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There normally is bacteria present in the lower part of the urethra, so a free catch or bladder squeeze sample that has a small amount of bacteria in it may just be a result of being caught up on the way out. Whereas a cysto sample is more accurate with regards to bacterial presence in the bladder.

Some reading on Amitriptyline for you, I think you've made the right choice in not medicating right now especially since it is not a consistant full time behaviour.

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He discussed some of the results and basically said the blood in the urine was 1+ and that was a huge improvement from the 4+. The diluted urine amount was the same @ 1020 or 1021 and when I asked about that he said if it was between 1008 and 1012 he would worry more?? I honestly am confused now. He said the epifilia cells?? not sure if the spelling was correct looked good.
The drop in blood in the urine & lack of epithelial cells is great

The urine specific gravity at 1020 or 1021 is still a bit dilute, normally in healthy cats you want between 1035-1060. If the usg was 1008 to 1012 that is very dilute indicating an issue with the kidneys.

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