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^That literally brought me to tears today...Having volunteered in the kitten nursery with the THS in the past, I can attest to the deplorable conditions that are being brought to light in these investigations. For me, it was incredible to see the drastic transformations that took place in a the span of a few years: from having abundant isolation gowns, syringes, food, and various other necessities for daily feedings, even when the nursery was overflowing, to having to wear garbage bags for isolation and reusing food from a week ago, to having absolutely no supplies whatsoever. I distinctly remember the time when I was told it was ok to feed a 2 week old kitten watered down dog food when nothing else was available. Often times, it wasn't that the food/equipment wasn't available, it was simply stored away at some mysterious location, and no matter how many times the volunteers ask to retrieve it, we'd never see it. For me, "management" at any level seemed to be non-existent, as staff changed constantly, and policies and practices changed literally week to week. This translated to gross inconsistency in the care of the animals.

I feel a sort of vindication that the individuals responsible will finally have a chance to be brought to justice (but probably not as much as we'd hope for), but it saddens me to see the THS as a whole being portrayed in a negative light for the nasty politics. As someone already mentioned in the previous thread, not everyone there is bad. The frontline workers (the volunteers, vet techs, vets, etc) are absolutely heroic in their efforts, often sacrificing their own leisure and sleep, to ensure that no animal goes unfed, untreated, and unchecked. With the approach of the holiday season, I hope the OSPCA can come up with a speedy solution that will ensure that these staff get the adequate support that they deserve and subsequently allow them to care for the animals in the best of their ability.
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