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hey guys sorry i have been a bit busy tonight..anyway the pee sample was better than the last one! after they took the sample and ran it the tech comes out to me and says that there is some small amount of bacteria in his urine and that the doctor wants to put him on a behaviour drug??? so I am a tad confused because I hadnt talked to the vet yet so I asked if he was going to see me and she said they only bookoed me in for them to take the urine not for him to see me??

So I said well no I am not going to just arbitrarily give him a drug for behaviour and not consulting with the vet?? It would have been Amitryptaline. I head over to pay and the other girl said hang on...she comes out and puts me in the room and he comes in...I explained what I thought about the drugs and he basically said that he has the ideopathic cystitis and just like Tabitha it will present itself occasionally. So I said since Bomber hadnt pee'd outside the box for 5 days I would wait it out and see. I never put Tabitha on the drugs and she does the same behaviour occasionlly.

He discussed some of the results and basically said the blood in the urine was 1+ and that was a huge improvement from the 4+. The diluted urine amount was the same @ 1020 or 1021 and when I asked about that he said if it was between 1008 and 1012 he would worry more?? I honestly am confused now. He said the epifilia cells?? not sure if the spelling was correct looked good. I asked for a copy of the urinalysis and they gave the one from earlier in the month

So I guess its wait and see game...and I am feeling a little annoyed with the serivice at the vets?? it wasnt even busy??I sat there alone while they spun the urine and one other person came in just as she was speaking to me?? wish I could just find one i really like!

Bomber say thanks everyone I seem to be feeling better too!

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