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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post is the thread from when all of this started if you are interested.
Thank you for posting that. Now that I am all caught up, I have a few thoughts...

First of all, they keep using the word "volunteer" before Tim Trow's President title. From what I read, it appears he isn't on the payroll???? I may have misunderstood what I was reading, but if he isn't technically being paid, then he shouldn't hold that office. In reality, as the figurehead of the THS, he really should just be carrying out the orders of the board. To me, it sounds like he started out with his heart in the right place, but got skewed in the process.

What really needs to happen is another non-profit taking over. The shelter I volunteer at was originally the city pound... very high-kill (at one point 24 hours!). Since the SPCA took over a few years ago, it is a very different facility. They euthanize AS NEEDED. Meaning, if an animal is suffering, they will euthanize... but that is done in the vet that shares the building. It isn't something the SPCA itself does. They don't staff euthanasea techs.

I understand that the issue here is not euthanizing when needed. That's where you have a private vet that works with the shelter and not for them. That way, you have an objective medical professional that makes the call to euthanize. They don't have to consider over-crowding or shelter politics... the vet just treats each animal like an pet with a home.

Kick Tim Trow to the curb and bring in an actual president. Someone who knows the business, the laws, and can manage efficiently. Get the new president OUT of the day-to-day mundane tasks. Shelter workers naturally don't like the public. We see so much crap that it's hard for us to be friendly to people. That's where you need friendly workers to staff the front lines in the lobby.

HUGE press conference when the shelter is transferred to new management... bring the donations back.
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