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Hi Equla,

You bring up some good points, and I appreciate your imput.
The frozen ratties aren't much better. They aren't euthanized. They are just tossed in the freezer alive... just FYI. If you gotta feed a snake, feed fresh, please!!
I think being frozen is more humane than some of the other techniques used to slaughter human grade meat

I am afraid that some of the captive bred snakes could not catch a rat in the grass of the backyard. I think they are a bit like domestic dogs that way- it may be in their genes, but certainly not a practiced skill. We didn't feed our snakes live food, but the one time my husband did- the rat bit the snake on the nose and gave it quite a bad scar.
Our snakes were Houdini's as well...Even though they were quite big, we lost them a couple of times under close supervision into the couch or a chair- I would be scared of losing them outside.
Still leaves me conflicted about the snakes. I feed my dogs RAW, and I think it is really on the same level as feeding mice. Feeding them whole rat carcasses is slightly more "realistic/honest" than buying frozen packaged slaughter house products. It can all be someone's else's pet...
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