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I love snakes, but could never own one because I just can't play God like that. I can't imagine reaching into a cage and picking out the cute critter that will be dinner that night.

Really, we are all dealing with carnivores (unless you have an iguana or pet rodents), but we are more easily detached from the art of killing their supper. Even if we feed BARF, we are still buying already dead food.

The frozen ratties aren't much better. They aren't euthanized. They are just tossed in the freezer alive... just FYI. If you gotta feed a snake, feed fresh, please!!

I came up with a solution years ago that would make me feel better about feeding former pets (used to have LOTS of rats growing up) to the new pets... Set the snake and the rat in the grass out back. If the snake can catch the rat, he can have it. If the rat gets away, then score for the rat. I doubt it would work, but it seemed a whole lot better in my head.

Too bad Purina doesn't make Snake Chow.
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