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I volunteer at the Nevada SPCA. When you get there in the mornings, it's a bit haywire. We have a room for quarantined kittens that have ringworm, I think. I usually offer to clean those cages because I get the feeling the other volunteers (if they have any others that day) don't really want to touch the sick kitties.

It's a mess when I get in there. Being kittens and rambunctious, they knock over their food and water, and since they are little sick guys, they've usually thrown up or missed the litter box. It is a little scary to see at first. If I didn't know that at the end of the day before they got another round of fresh water, food, and new litter I would have thought they were being neglected. If these pictures were taken first thing in the morning, it's expected for some of the animals to be out of water (should still be a bowl in the cage), or have gone potty in the night. I know the raid happened at 3pm, but when were the pictures taken.

I did notice in the article the head dude said the dogs get 3 walks a day. I would love to know how many volunteers they have and how many dogs they are caring for. At my shelter, we are running at capacity and really don't have enough volunteers to do that. The dogs that have their own run are lucky to get a walk twice a week. We just don't have the manpower.

I don't know what to make of the animals dying overnight or the sick ones we saw, but I do know that sometimes the dogs go in their runs because they just haven't been out (not enough staff). I believe this guy is full of it because he tried to say they get 3 walks a day. It's damn near impossible. In a shelter environment, you also have illness. It just kind of happens. Pretty much all of the cats at my shelter sneeze more than I would like, but other than meds and getting adopted into a less crowded place, there isn't much that can be done.

Honestly, if you walk into my house first thing in the morning, it'll freak you out sometimes. We're back to crate training because the pooches would potty everywhere at night (grrr....), shred the couches, and the litter boxes are biohazard until I get out of bed.

I honestly just don't know what to think. I don't believe the head dude is telling the total truth. How could he? He's in trouble, so he's going to try to say things are better than they were. But on the other hand, if things were so bad, how is it that the volunteers and the visitors haven't brought this to light yet?
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