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Riddle me this

Tus is now back to not eating again, so it's "assisted" feeding, not a pleasant experience for either of us.

It seems when she has the IV fluids she's good for a day or two and then she declines after that. and becomes more dehydrated again.

So why does she become dehydrated when she is drinking probably more and of course the food she eats is wet and I add water to it?

I've put a request into the Vet to try SubQ fluids to see if that makes a difference and to give her appetite stimulant as well, cause when she eats and is hydrated she's like her old self again and now she's getting miserable again.

I don't want her to have to go into the vet's for the day for IV fluids again.

So any ideas as to why she becomes dehydrated?
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