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Another Aussie with nasal discharge

Your experiences are so similar to what we just went through with our 9 year old female Aussie. She did have lupus, which for two years was being controlled with meds. In mid-September she developed a slight cough, followed by nasal discharge. This was treated as a bacterial infection, with no improvement. The vet upped her pred and we used a antibiotic nose drop, both of which did give some relief for a few weeks. Last monday, she started panting and developed a fever, was put on fluids at the emergency vet to cool her and given a shot of a NSAI, which didn't help. Took her home, cooled her in the tub and the fever broke. She was fine for a couple of hours, then became lethargic. Back to the vet and by that time she was not wanting to walk, move, etc. He determined she could no longer see and was having other neuological problems. He suspected a nasal tumor that had finally invaded the frontal lobe. She died quite peacefully in my arms. We still are not completely sure that it was a nasal tumor, but your story and others who have posted have made us think this was indeed the case. We also had trouble getting a diagnosis, treatment or just information on what could be happening to her. It seems like she went from fairly normal on Monday and gone less than 24 hours later. It has been shocking and sad and we miss her so much. Thank you for posting this information, it has brought us some comfort.
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