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You are right. Some people are not fully educated on the ins and outs of caring for a pet. Thank goodness for this forum!

The fish I had lived a reasonably long time. The store associate who sold us the fish and bowl did the right thing by NOT pushing more than necessary onto a young child.

And no, you did not confuse me. Nothing to be confused about

It's so sad when someone loses a pet because they did not have the right information - and sometimes, they are not entirely to blame...I've had pets my whole life - mostly dogs, and they have lived well...
As far as neglect goes, I've seen the result of it while working in shelters. People who surrender their animals, or have them seized by animal protection and control people - it's simply heart wrenching!

Anyways, I will do more research on my own, so I may determine the most appropriate types of fish to have.
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